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Security Courses

EMTI believes in supporting the governmental infrastructure of sovereign countries, working closely with Ministries of Interior, to bolster Civil Defense; Internal Security; Customs Enforcement; Coastal, Ports and Border Protection; and a myriad of other operational concerns within a country.

Internal Security

  • Counter Terrorism Courses
  • Sniper / Counter-Sniper Basic
  • Sniper / Counter-Sniper Advanced
  • VIP Protection, Basic
  • VIP Protection, Advanced
  • Close Quarter Battle, Basic
  • Close Quarter Battle, Advanced

Coastal Security

  • Surveillance Patrol Boat Training
  • Fast Rescue Boat Handling
  • Maritime Security for Military, First Responder and Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Port and Ship Security Assessments & Plans
  • Coast Guard Training

ISPS Courses

  • Ship / Vessel Security Officer
  • Port / Facility Security Officer
  • Company Security Officer
  • Maritime Security Awareness
  • Maritime Security for Military, First Responder and Law Enforcement Personnel (MSLEP)

EMTI’s Security Division team is made up of leading U.S. security consulting and engineering experts who bring a wide range of experience in helping domestic and international clients meet the ever-changing needs of today's complex security threat environment.

EMTI’s Security Division provides complete, comprehensive security solutions, specializing in vessel, port and terminal security, anti-terrorism programs and measures, infrastructure hardening and project management services. The Team's experience comprises combined technical and managerial expertise in all facets of security; Jeffrey Kinsman, former Navy Regional Security Officer for the Northwest U. S., and the Pacific Fleet, and carrier battle group security leader during the Persian Gulf War, heads up the ELKINS team.

When a large scale or complex threat assessment or risk analysis is required, our Maritime Team utilizes several state-of-the-art assessment methods including the widely-acclaimed Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM), developed as the U.S. standard by Sandia National Laboratories, and the CARVER Method, developed and used by Special Operations, counterterrorism and intelligence organizations. Our assessment methodology has been validated by U.S. federal, U.S. state, and international government agencies. Our team members consult regularly with the U.S. Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the development of national seaport and vessel security standards.

Our assessment products are written with the end user in mind, bringing objective, data-derived and cost effective recommendations for port vulnerability mitigation and countermeasure applications. EMTI’s Security Division has the capability and capacity for assessing and planning for larger fleets, complex port and terminal areas, or simultaneous port and ship assessments around the world.

If our client decides to proceed with facility or ships’ systems security upgrades, the EMTI’s Security Division Team will use sound, state-of-the-art principles in designing and developing security programs, providing schematic and final design with probable cost calculation and detailed construction drawings for access control systems, video surveillance systems, fire protection systems, intrusion detection systems, communication systems, wireless video systems, perimeter intrusion detection systems, fencing, gates, emergency centers, central command centers, and security monitoring and response plans.

EMTI’s Security Division Team members have conducted port and vessel facility security assessments, planning, and large scale engineering projects at numerous seaports and provided instruction in maritime security and anti-terrorism requirements, standards, and practices to students worldwide. EMTI is ready to contribute our significant experience and professional acumen in assessing and planning port facilities.


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