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Exam Fees and Procedures

Elkins InstituteThe FCC does not administer commercial operator license examinations. To obtain a new or upgraded FCC commercial operator license, you must pass an examination administered by a COLEM (Commercial Operator License Examination Manager). Through its Elkins Institute division, BFT Training Unlimited, Inc. functions as a COLEM for the FCC, and is authorized to administer examinations nationwide.

Fees for Taking a Written Examination

Federal Communications SealFCC tests taken at one time are considered to be one “sitting.” The fee for 1 or 2 tests taken at one sitting is $75. The fee for 3 tests taken at one sitting (for example, Elements 1, 3 & 8 taken all at one time) would be $100. Besides paying the proper fee and submitting a photo ID, students will be requested to provide his/her birthdate, mailing address, and Social Security number (or Federal Registration number). This information will be provided on the FCC Form 605.

Should a student not successfully pass an exam, another fee will be due at the time of retesting. Students can retest on the same day, but it would be preferable to obtain proper study materials and get better prepared for testing.

Examination Procedures

Use of reference materials in commercial operator license examinations is not permitted. Examinees should not bring any books, papers, notes, study guides, or other unauthorized aids or devices to an examination.


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