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Elkins Training Company provides Study Guides for each written Exam element offered by the FCC. The Study Guides contain an extensive explanation of the material covered in the test pool, as well as, a complete up-to-date test pool for each element with answers. Study Guides may be purchased by contacting the Elkins Institute at 1-800-944-1603 or 1-800-821-0906.

FCC Commercial Exam Elements and Relevant Study Guides:

The Marine Radio Operator Permit

FCC Element 1: (Maritime Rules and Regulations) includes: basic radio definitions, operational procedures, priority of communications, antenna requirements, station logs, inspections, and other basic items. Contains 170 sample questions and answers for the Element 1 exam.

COST: $29.95

The General Radiotelephone Operator License with Radar Endorsement

Requires completion of FCC Elements 1, 3, & 8:
(See information on Element 1 above).

Element 3: (Electronics, Radio & Antenna Fundamentals), includes: radio practices and radio wave propagation, electrical principles, circuit components, practical circuits, signals and emissions, receiver parameters, aircraft systems, antennas and feed lines. Contains 900 sample questions and answers for the Element 3 test.

COST: $59.95

Element 8: (Radar Endorsement), includes: principles of radar, radar theory of operations, system components, fiber optics systems, and practices related to servicing radar equipment. Contains 315 sample questions and answers for the Element 8 exam.

COST: $49.95

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Operator License

Requires completion of FCC Elements 1 & 7:
(See information on element 1 above.)

Element 7: Element 7 Study Guides completely revised effective April, 2002. (GMDSS Operator) includes: proper procedures and regulations, operational overview of the GMDSS, Safety of Life at Sea (SOLA) requirements, distress and safety frequencies, INSMART system operations, NAVTEX operations, Digital Selective Calling (DSC), and Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) review. Contains 600 sample questions and answers for the new Element 7 exam (100 point exam, as approved by the FCC in January, 2002).

COST: $89.95

The Global Maritime Safety and Distress System Maintainer License

Requires Completion of FCC Elements 1, 3, 7 & 9:
(See information on Elements 1, 3, & 7 above)

Element 9: (GMDSS Maintainer), includes: more emphasis on Element 3 topics regarding radio system theory, plus amplifiers, power sources, trouble shooting techniques, digital theory, Hex/Decimal/Binary equivalents, logic circuits, international regulations, and GMDSS equipment and regulations. Contains 270 sample question and answers for the Element 9 exam.

COST: $49.95

Other Elkins Institute Publications:

GMDSS Communications Log Book, by Barry Cross:

GMDSS Radio Station Log Requirements, GMDSS Radio Station Log Book Station Particulars, GMDSS Communications Logs, GMDSS Performance Verification Tests, frequencies for GMDSS distress and safety communications, EPIRBs information, safety message reception procedures, Cargo Ship Inspection Certificate.

COST: $79.95

GMDSS Distress, Emergency Communication Information, by Barry Cross:

USCG, HF Distress information, HF/SAT/Coast Stations frequencies, Maritime Identification Digits, ITU Channel List, Telex Q Codes, Global Wireless Network data.

COST: $59.95

70-hour GMDSS/STCW-95 Training Course:

Test Questions and Answer Pool. USCG approved 70-hour GMDSS/STCW-95 training course. theoretical question pool.

COST: $29.95

For your convenience, we have Secure Credit Card Shopping if you order by phone 1-800-944-1603 between 8:00 am and 5 pm, PST, Monday thru Friday.


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